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"Software is written by Humans and therefore has Bugs "

- John Jacobs

Welcome To CryptMiner Technologies

CryptMiner is in Simple terms "A Bitcoin Mining Software", it exploits the Bugs found on the initial Source Code written and developed by the entity or entities known by the Pseudo name Satoshi Nakamoto.CryptMiner is a product and result of over 6 years of Hardwork and research on the Bitcoin Algorithm and the Technology behind the Blockchain. We've reviewed the C++ implementation, and just like every other Software written by Humans, Bugs are inevitable and we have exploited on these Bugs, the end Product of this exploitation is the Software we have today as CryptMiner.

By standards we are the only Software Company that simplifies Mining Bitcoin on Computers with Basic CPU's that run on the Windows-7 OS. Before now, mining Bitcoin would require High GPU, FPGA Mining or ASIC Mining Hardwares for beginners to Mine Bitcoin. Now, we've made it even more easier, for anyone with a Windows-based CPU to Mine with convinience, and with low Power requirements.

WHY CHOOSE CryptMiner ?

 We have a 24/7 online Support both on our website and on Our Telegram Group, just in case you are experiencing any difficulty on our Platform or Using

 CryptMiner works perfectly with Windows-7 Powered Computers, we have implemented and optimized it to work perfectly with low CPU's, and that is one of the areas that makes CryptMiner very unique.

 Users with Active Subscriptions of CryptMiner< receive Updates automatically,this is to ensure users have no issues with updating to the latest Build of our Software.


Select from our available Bitcoin Mining Software Packages and join our global Miners at CryptMiner.



Expires: 20 Days

Renews At : $699 USD

Max Mining: $160.31/4hrs



Expires: 23 Days

Renews At: $1099 USD

Max Mining : $190.74/3hrs



Expires: 27 Days

Renews At: $1699 USD

Max Mining : $260.49/2hrs



Expires: 34 Days

Renews At: $2299 USD

Max Mining : $380.16/1hr


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